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COBRA EAS Administrator was built from the first byte to handle the special needs of multi employer administration. In use since the start of COBRA, it's the choice of a majority of the nation's largest and most successful administrators.
Flexible design lets you easily modify the system to meet the special needs of more clients.
There are no limits to the number of carriers, plans, rates and other data that can be used by each client.
You can even create your own date, character, numeric or logical user defined fields to hold and use unique client data.
Detailed audit trail is automatically maintained - permanently recording every significant action, including electronic archiving of all letters sent.
All system correspondence can be customized for each client. Use Coupon, Monthly, All-At-Once or No billing methods - choose a different billing method of each client.
Reliability that you can count on to accurately hold and process all of your data according to parameters that you set for each client.
Full premium accounting functions automatically handle partial, advance, NSF, pro-rated payments. Complete disbursement module automatically accumulates posted payments for distribution back to carriers, clients, divisions or other entities with detailed audit reports - even writes the checks.
COBRA EAS is completely supported and regularly updated by BPSC. In the past 25 years we've had nearly 100 updates to make sure that our applications are the most up to date available.
Easily configure for state COBRA requirements, even when election periods and extended eligibility time frames are different from federal COBRA.
Integrates seamlessly with all other CSP Suite products.
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ODBC/SQL compliant. Easy connectivity to your other application data.
Add CSPWeb for the fastest, most cost effectiive route to the cloud. It's a real time web interface that will let your clients, brokers, participants and other authorized users have instant access to current plan information..