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EasyCert Administrator is a transaction oriented database designed to let you easily create, output and archive compliance and other benefit plan notices, forms and letters. EasyCert can output HIPAA Certificates Of Creditable Coverage, Summary Plan Descriptions, Open Enrollment Notices, Initial New Hire COBRA Notices, Declination Forms, the new Summary of Benefits and Coverage or any other letters of notices.
It's event code driven, allowing you to attach a whole set of forms, notices and letters that automatically output whenever a specific event occurs to a participant or dependent.
Whenever a new employee is imported or entered into the system all of those documents would automatically output when the process is run. At the same time each document would be archived and an action note written to file.
For example, suppose that you create the event code NH or New Hire. Some of the correspondence items that could be attached to that event are the New Hire Initial COBRA Notice, a Summary Of Benefit Options, a Welcome Letter, Coverage Declination Form and the new Summary of Benefits and Coverage document.
EasyCert includes all of the functionality that you will need including automatic calculation of any waiting period, handling of pended transactions, automatic follow-up letters at a frequency set by you, automatic recurring letters and much more.
Web Enabled
Add CSPWeb to exchange real time data between your company, your clients, brokers, participants and other authorized parties.
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Easily exchange data with any HR or payroll system using the very complete import/export capability. EasyCert is also fully ODBC/SQL compliant.
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EasyCert is fully integrated with all other CSP Suite applications for automatic transfer of participants and other data between systems.