BPSC is a developer and publisher of Benefit Plan Administration software for employers and administrators. We have been delivering quality benefit administration systems since 1976. During the first ten years our core business was the design and administration of corporate benefit programs. As a national TPA, we learned first hand about the needs and requirements of benefit administration systems. Hands-on experience that would serve us well as we moved to take advantage of the emerging need for software that would minimize the tedious jobs of plan administration. Since 1987 our only business has been to develop, market and support benefit plan administration software for employers and administrators.
Quality Software, Exceptional Support. - From the first day, our commitment has been to develop the most full featured products - then back them with vendor as partner support. Our product lines have evolved into fully integrated, intranet or web-ready, scalable benefit plan administration suites. Built with knowledge that can only come from years of administration experience, our systems are now installed in all 50 states and several US Territories. Our user base ranges from the small employer to the largest Fortune 100 employers and administrators. We are most pleased that many of the nation's premier benefit consulting and ERISA law firms have chosen our systems for their own plans.
We build systems that are ready to grow with your business. Systems that provide value to customers. Value in terms of how you use our technology to achieve your business goals. Value in terms of protecting your investment by investing in one product - then being able to expand using other fully integrated products. Current customers who converted to our systems from competitor products have frequently told us that our systems let them handle twice the volume of business with the same number of employees because they are so much more automated. Developed in Visual C and .Net, by very experienced benefit software engineers and consultants, our product suites are ready to help you achieve your business goals.
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