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The optional bar code module is designed to streamline payment posting. In place of adding payments one at a time you can print a bar code on monthly or coupon billings - then simply scan payments in using the bar code wand. The module includes everything you need to get started.
All you need is a free USB port. The reader connects to your computer and the wand is attached to the reader.
How It Works
1. Simply add the bar code on your coupons or monthly billings.
2. Follow the easy instructions to "initialize" the reader.
3. When payments are received open the batch mode payment processing window.
4. Scan the bar code with the pen wand.
When you finish scanning in all of the payments you simply run a "posting" process to automatically post all of the correct payments. You can print a report of payments with errors - then post those individually.
The system will recognize the person and automatically enter all of the payment details except the check number.