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COBRA EAS plus GIBS combines both COBRA and Direct Bill participants into one data file. The advantage is that you do not need to leave one system and bring up another to complete actions. This is the version you would want when the same people handle both COBRA and Retiree participants.
The system uses Categories to keep the type of administration completely separate between COBRA and Direct Bill participants. Correspondence, time frames, type and period of billing are all definable by category. There is no limit to the number of categories that you can define. COBRA, Retiree, Leave
All activity is automated to the fullest extent possible to assure that your personnel costs will be as low as possible.
Of Absence, Sabbatical or any other.
Feature Rich
There are virtually no limits to the number of rates, plans, participants or other maintenance data that can be put into the system. Create multiple divisions with unique administration parameters.
Web Enabled
You can easily connect this system to your HR or other system to fully automate import/export and electronic eligibility reporting to carriers. Built-in scripting functionality lets you run processes automatically on any time and day schedule that you set.
Add EASWEB to exchange real time data between your company, your divisions, brokers, participants and other authorized parties.
Electronic Data Interchange
Variable Rates
COBRA EAS plus GIBS can be completed integrated with all other EAS suite applications.
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The system includes a very sophisticated capability to automatically calculate rates that are based on one or more variables, such as age, length of service, health risk factors or any other criteria.
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