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The COBRA law is built-in, so you don't need to be a computer or COBRA export to effectively use the system. Enter people who experience events, post payments and run a process. During the process the system evaluates your entered data and determines what needs to be done for each person. A person just entered would get the Notification/Election package, one who elected
coverage a billing, a person not paid by the due date would automatically get a grace period letter.
The user does not need to keep any logs of which activity should be done when - the system automatically handles it.
User can even create special date, character, numeric or logical custom fields to hold special data required by your company. Use a coupon, monthly, All At Once or No billing method. A detailed audit trail of all system actions is automatic.
Payments can be posted individually, in batch mode or easily imported. Handles all types of payments, including advance, partial, NSF and refunds. Full accounting functionality provides complete audit trail.
There are no limits to the number of carriers, plans, rates or participants that can be entered. Easily edit all system Notices, letters and other correspondence.
Easy to learn and use, COBRA EAS completely automates all functions required to administer this complex legislative mandate - from Notification through conversion.
COBRA EAS is fully integrated with all other EAS suite applications, including EASWeb - our on-line system.
More than 40 standard reports are included in the base system. You can also create your own reports using the custom report writer.
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Full functionality to get data in or out using ASCII, CSV, Composite or ODBC/SQL.