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Employer products are designed for use by companies doing administration for their own employees. All products in the Employer Administration Suite can be used alone or integrated with other EAS applications. If you are an administrator performing contract services for multiple clients, click here to go to Administrator Products.
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The Plan Administrator (TPA)
The TPA is an enrollment, eligibility maintenance and consolidated group billing system. Maintain a central information database with all related client, participant, dependent, coverage and rate data. Use it for group billing, consolidate all plans on one billing, report eligibility electronically, on-line enrollment. Automatic calculation of rates based on variables, full retro premium handling. Easy data import/export using csv, ascii, composite or ODBC/SQL.
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Automate all COBRA administration functions, from Notification through Conversion. Full premium accounting features, including automatic handling of advance, partial, retro active payments and NSF checks. Easily relate to any other system using ascii, csv, composite or ODBC/SQL. In use by many of the nation's largest administrators since the start of COBRA, this system has proven value backed by 18 years of use.
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Group Insurance Billing System handles direct bill retirees, leave or any other non-COBRA continuing coverage. Bill on any time period, from daily through annually. Separate letters and time frames definable for each category. Extensive ability to automatically calculate rates that are based on any number of variables, such as age, length of service, time on plan, etc. Use coupon, monthly or all-at-once letter billing. Complete import/export, electronic eligibility and reports included.
The COBRA EAS plus GIBS combined version lets you complete all functions from the same application. No need to move between programs to enter people, post payments, add, edit and view data or process. Offers the same functionality as the separate versions with the added convenience of a combined system.
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COBRA EAS with Variable Rates
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COBRA EAS with a very powerful rate calculation module that automatically calculates rates based on any variable such as age, length of service, consideration of employee and spouse ages, etc. System uses sets of band tables and/or macros to modify rates when variables are based on premium, benefit and/or an employer subsidy.
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Easy Cert
Maintain an active employee transaction oriented database tracking participants and dependents, including all coverage changes and enrollment periods. Output initial new hire COBRA notice, HIPAA Certificates of Periods of Creditable coverage, including the Alternative Form and any other correspondence user adds. Automatic archiving of all activity for a detailed audit trail.
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The ODBC/SQL driver makes integrating our systems with any others easy. Provides full access to any file or field in the data dictionary. Useful anytime there is a need to easily export data to any other ODBC or SQL product for reports or other purpose.
Bar Code Module
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Increase productivity by printing a bar code on billing coupons and election forms - then use a stationary or pen held scanner to simply scan payments and elections. Reader attaches to any keyboard for quick and easy installation.
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The Web module is an easy to install interface providing real time exchange of data between your company and plan participants. The web module allows you secured web access to add, edit or view data to any EAS Suite application in real time. It also allows participants secured web access to view their own data and request changes.
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